Putzmeister machines are powerful and extremely reliable. Our innovations always aim to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency



  • More output for less input. Or, save time and money with more power.
  • Reduction in overall costs/TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)



Concrete Pumps 17 iLS / 19 iLS - Operate extremely economically and meet extreme challenges!

Special Features

  • Fuel savings of up to 25%
  • 3 % increased efficiency through the prevention of leaks
  • 10 % better suction behaviour thanks to the elimination of constrictions in the concrete flow
  • Optimised drive unit
  • Maximum performance, minimum operating costs
  • Optimised conveying unit – ideal for the the heaviest concretes
  • Reduced wear for long service life
  • Optimised accessibility for maintenance and service
  • Automatic stroke correction without pump interruption
  • Field-tested and robust
  • Maximum quietness







The Putzmeister machine cockpit is the information hub for your machines to call up all relevant information in real time.



  • Transparent for more safety and control
  • Highly efficient fleet management
  • Maximum productivity, safety and service
  • Reduces costly downtimes


You want

  • Maximum utilisation and availability?
  • Increased machine efficiency?
  • Investments protected against theft?


Then test our demo version at: www.putzmeister.com/cockpit

or contact the Putzmeister digital experts at: cockpit@putzmeister.com




Human Machine Interface




Monitor and control all functions of a truck-mounted concrete pump. For simpler operation, pump monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance.



  • Provides machine operators with optimum support during their work thanks to intuitive, simplified operation – more comfortable, more secure, more efficient
  • Machine operators can react quickly if parameters change



Ergonic® 2.0 at a glance

  • EPS – Ergonic® Pump System Takes control of the concrete pump, ensuring a fully optimised pumping process
  • EOC – Ergonic® Output Control Regulates the optimum engine speed, ensuring that the concrete pump operates smoothly with fuel efficiency and low wear
  • EMC – Ergonic® Mixer Control * Operates the mixer drum by radio remote control, including adding water and cleaning
  • Ergonic® FFS Ergonomic boom control with joystick, ensuring convenient operation and up-to-date feedback as well as system information for the machine.
  • EGD-RC – Ergonic® Graphic Display-(Radio) Remote Control Transparent overview of the pumps and machine status as well as the pump settings, ensuring convenient operation
  • EBC – Ergonic® Boom Control Controls and regulates the movement of the concrete placing booms, ensuring an increased placement rate and simple and safe operation.
  • ESC – Ergonic® Setup Control The safety system regulates the interaction between the flexible support** and working areas. Provides significantly increased protection for the machine operator and the machine.

(*) PUMI and truck mixer
(**) Availability and functional scope depend on the machine model







Putzmeister offers a comprehensive safety package that meets the strictest standards in order to protect users and their machines – minimum risk, maximum investment security.



Safety at work – Putzmeister standard

  • Handrail next to the water box
  • Step for cleaning the hopper
  • Fixed water box cover
  • Defined jack points at the machine
  • Definded fall protection anchor points
  • Safety cut off at the hopper grille
  • Snap lock verification
  • Display of the operating range for allowed support leg configurations
  • Monitoring of the horizontal support leg position
  • Monitoring of the vertical support leg position
  • Boom rest with warning device
  • Hopper cover
  • Wash out lid with ball catcher
  • Boom cylinder protection
  • Delivery pressure limitation
  • Warning and information signs
  • Decal for allowed gross hanging weights at the boom tip

Additional safety with optional accessories

  • Optional illumination
  • Remote control holder with warning signal
  • 360°-camera
  • Fold down delivery pipe magazine
  • Folding rear underrun protection
  • Working platform
  • Swing out step
  • Pedestal hand rail
  • Protector for separate end hose connection
  • Fill level controlled pumping with indicator
  • Proven end hose-accessory
  • Spray container
  • SH-(steady hose) end hose

Safety through preventative maintenance

  • Re-inspection of the machine
  • Delivery hose test








Putzmeister has an outstanding service network with its own Academy that provides training and continued professional development for operators and Service technicians.



Putzmeister – Service stations always close to you


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Optimized processes through accurate, competent advice
  • Maximum machine availability thanks to reliable, fast supply of genuine Putzmeister accessories and spare parts
  • Long-term value retention through maintenance packages
  • Efficiency and investment protection with manufacturer’s training courses and seminars for operators
  • Machine downtimes minimized through fast support in case of fault
  • Reliable all-round assistance thanks to maximum customer focus with service stations in over 120 countries worldwide

We are at your service: services@putzmeister.com